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The Tower of Babel
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anatomy, arrested devolpment, battlestar galactica, belle & sebastian, bollywood, british tv shows, buffy the vampire slayer, coffee, craftsman houses, cryptozoology, dance parties, david sedaris, donnie darko, echo and the bunnymen, elliott smith, firefly, freaks and geeks, giant squid, gossip girl, grammar, graph paper, graphic novels, harold and maude, indian food, interior design, ira glass, jeffrey eugenides, joy division, knee-hi socks, libraries, living in bloomington, lolita, misfits, mkl, movies about teenage werewolves, movies about teenagers, movies about zombies, my so-called life, nas, nerdiness, neutral milk hotel, omd, people watching, plan-it-x, please kill me, prince, reading, robots, secretary, simon pegg, siouxsie and the banshees, soma, sweaters, taking baths, tds cds and lps, teen movies, the magnetic fields, the pixies, the smiths, trivia, velvet underground, well-lit rooms, whining, wikipedia oddities, wu-tang clan, zadie smith